Social Media Management

The opportunities available to us to advertise our business and build our brand have never been as great as they are today.  The ever-increasing use of social media in our daily lives mean that potential clients can find us in just a few seconds on their preferred platform.  With this increased usage, it’s vital to maintain a consistent and quality presence online and Think Virtual Online can help.

Whether you opt for the ease and accessibility of Facebook and Twitter – or showcase your products on the more visual platforms of Instagram and Pinterest, we are confident we can offer you a package that is both affordable and effective in building a strong base of raving fans keen to learn more about your business.

Many social media management service providers will state how many posts they will provide each day/week/month for each platform but we believe that social media isn’t that straightforward.  Some days will be busier than others with a lot depending on how seasonal your business is or events that are happening in your industry.  Our packages include the following depending on the platforms you choose to use:


  • Daily posts including weekends;
  • Interaction with followers including notification to a named business contact for any enquiries or messages;
  • Personalised hello to new followers;
  • Strategic retweets/share posts;
  • Actively seek new followers relevant to your brand or service;
  • Links to blog if blogging option chosen;
  • Monthly reporting detailing activity on each social media channel.